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[God is not a “time” being.  Along with everything else that exists, God created ‘time’ and put mankind into it as a temporal, i.e. temporary, being or entity, so that during that alloted ‘time’ many such human spirit-souls could successfully complete her  requirements for them to enter into her own purely moral state or dimension of eternal existence.]


     Dear Future readers everywhere (but for now, especially in the so-called United States of America or USA): If you think talking politics and/or religion, or both together, might be unwise because of opinion variables, then skip this apolitical, morally-driven rhetoric and click any image to get our compod-generated book.  It’s free, in a colorful .pdf, for hybrid audiences.  It doesn’t have the https status, because we don’t want anything from you - no money, no personal information -  just your best effort to understand God. 

     If you wish, you can download* the book to read later.  You might want to do that anyway since it’s a bit on the hefty side, with 400+ pages.  It’s also a bit deep here and there, so some of you might feel as if you are “wading” at times and yet – through something godly - if you can imagine that.  If you can’t - not to worry, just keep reading.  You could have an epiphany.


 *(To download the book, click an image or link on this site to transition to our .pdf version.  If need be, get a free Adobe .pdf reader @ https://get.adobe.com/reader/.  Then, on the book cover page, if your browser is Internet Explorer, you will first need to click the Adobe icon which flashes at the bottom of the screen when you move your cursor there.  It will be ‘A’ star-like swirl, bottom right.  You will then get the page bar with the “save a copy icon,” along with other options, such as ‘scrolling’ and a means to ‘up or down-size’ the page or quickly jump to any other page by entering its number in place of the number already showing.  The Google browser also is straight forward and user friendly.)


     So, here you are now, but we want to take you somewhere else – a place with signs all along the way warning “Don’t Go There!”  Each aspect of that other place can raise either kinship or bitter divisiveness – depending on one’s point of view.  That is exactly why mankind has no reasonable choice but to venture into the zones of politics and religion and re-introduce them to one another in perhaps not so cordial a manner!  Just don’t mistake any of our comments for political partisanship.  We all should strive to elect moral leaders, no matter which political philosophy they espouse, as its essence should be moral.


      Make no mistake, our rhetoric here is about moral principles and how mankind is affected by upholding or downgrading their validity in the arena that affects us all the most - meaning politics.  Your participation in thinking about this is crucial.  Try not to sugar coat it.  True ethics are the backbone of any society that hopes to survive.


     You had best begin and never cease praying you have picked the right leaders to help steady your material equilibrium.  Enlightened persons will always consider their spiritual balance as most imperative, and a supreme, Moral God as our primary leader.  The spiritual (or Other) realm far and away exceeds our material one; so we should never compromise our moral values and eternal life for a life that is truly infintesimal, compared to eternity… so small in fact as to seem non-existent.  It’s amazing how quickly a material life can pass… just ask this old scribe who has no fear of fallout from what he writes – not because of his age but rather because of the moral wisdom God has seen fit to provide him in answer to his prayers.  Prayer abets moral wisdom.  Pray for it and already you will be wiser.   


     Obviously, some of you do believe there is a Moral, Omnipotent God who knows infinitely better than you what you need, regardless of whatever tiny hearts do or don’t desire.  Many of you have stopped considering your ‘souls,’ in such matters, whereas God is the heart of your souls, which are uppermost in her* Mind.  *(God actually lacks ‘gender,’ which, I think, is adequately explained in the “Time Being” book.  Reminder: Click any image shown here.)

     Our book will show you why America has lost its greatest assets since becoming a vainly materialistic country – Firstly, a true sense of what morality means to religion, and secondly a viable, financial ‘middle class’ that also gives hope to the poor of someday at least reaching such an acceptable standard of living.  A moral society with a middle class is the glue, or stitching, for the very fabric of success.  

     It’s why you need to understand politics and the morality of religions really should be melded into one zone – that better mental framework of the two – kinship, friendship, and preferably even love through mutual understanding of what religion is supposed to mean and how it should affect your lives.  Call it religitics.  Or not; but one should not try to totally separate the morality of religion from politics – even though as institutions, the two should remain separate.  All right then, back to making them one mind-set – the really good one, meaning we need to mix our politics with a much bigger dose of Christ-like morality.  Can we do it?  YES!  Will we?  Well, the fact is… we must if we are to survive as a species.


     In humble service to our Creator, and yours, we offer the preceding warning with utmost reverence for all life, because even if not self-aware, all life blessedly is God aware.  Please read our book, which expresses hope for the future of people willing to accept God into their lives, as well as the dire consequences for those who don’t; won’t; or can’t.    

     If you are of the mind-set that religious “beliefs” are old-fashioned and the God of the Bible is an unsophisticated, antiquated idea, then please read our book for your sake and God’s.  SHE loves you.  If you love the gift of life that God – not happenstance – gave you, we ask you to read on, because otherwise you are risking your eternal life.  What’s that saying?  ‘It’s not a threat, it’s a promise.’  We promise God wants to help you save your eternal life.  That’s not to be taken lightly, but with enlightenment.


As to the book, itself, please keep in mind that the concepts of reincarnation and karma do not subtract from God, but only enhance her perfect thinking ability and her penchant for perfect justice.  God is God and everything is contained within her, even your multitude of lives, lived and forgotten until the time for remembrance once again dawns, sets, and redawns until, through God’s Grace, all your moral essence from all your physical lives (from your one Soul life) becomes whole and eternal within God’s Heavenly Self.


A. E. Thomas


  (Religious persons should keep all world leaders in their prayers on a regular basis – praying that each realizes it is only a set of peculiar circumstances that sets him or her apart from fellow human beings who deserve their graciousness and kindness as relevantly possible.  Not truly understanding God, there are those who would wonder: ‘What’s in it for me?’  Everyone simply will receive treatment in kind from his or her Maker on departing this world.  God’s law of Karma requires SHE administer unto all in full measure what SHE knows each to deserve, while her Grace may render some mercy.  PRAY so!)



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We invite you to read “The Time Being” book @ http://www.godcosm.com/story.pdf

Our goal is to change society into a purely moral state of mental essence and character.

Is it too late?  You decide.  Or have you already, through apathy?

Please also visit http://www.coginstitute.com/ at some point.


PS, If you agreeThis Work’ is on the right side of a moral God, then please consider listing it as a ‘like’ and a ‘link’ on your social media site.   You are now on our site: http://www.godcosm.com/.  

        Thank you; bless you, and we pray God, through Grace, has mercy on all her spirit-souls answering to her law of Karma.

        One more cautionary note: please don’t underestimate your ability to be ambivalent or even cynical when it comes to God and morality.  A societal Egod is forever at work training you in “sophisticated denial” as regards moral ideals, with many of you already finding the very thought of such ideals laughably old-fashioned and certainly intellectually unsophisticated.

         It’s a damned shame that mankind can remain so ignorant when it comes to the most basic tool needed for spiritual, eternal survival – the ideal that ‘morality’ must defeat evil.  Of course the much easier rationale is to scoff, rather than to think deeply and then act on your moral thinking.

         It seems to be in mankind’s nature to choose easy over difficult, even if it kills one forever.  That is the essence and height of stupidity.  The ‘stupid’ among you, at this point, will choose to be insulted since it takes no mental effort to be self-righteous.  All it takes is a mind devoid of soul, resulting in thoughts devoid of godly essence – perhaps even harboring resentment toward the one who wrote these words, or the ONE who wants to know…


When will you awaken to godly guidance?



Your life story will end relatively soon.  Where is your story taking you?


Take me to your Leader!