You are in the realm of alien Psyence, aka Religion.

“Read and understand our books as soon as possible.  You’re already dying!”

You may wish to view the books right now: http://www.godcosm.com/exam.pdf, but we also invite you to read a non-commercial announcement.  It’s a promotion for a non-profit organization, with the ideal in mind of helping to grow people who better understand the knowledge of ‘good,’ or morality, better than they understand and carry out the knowledge of evil, thereby making them godly servants who then can help grow our society into a truly civilized one.  Is that a good goal or what? - And no government is directly involved, but a Supreme Moral Consciousness definitely is, and therefore we pray you will allow yourself to become involved for everyone’s sake and this world’s future, IF there is to be any. 

     Christian moral precepts are highlighted in our “Godcosm” books, (parts I and II) in which we seek the common ‘good’ of a loving, moral God as depicted in the Holy Bible.  Morality as based in historical, religious teachings serves as the guiding light, and all major religions are mentioned at times for comparative purposes.  Religious customs are not emphasized, but may be referred to in passing.  Of course, it is up to each of you to decide if you wish to learn with a mind open to God as the Supreme Moral Entity, regardless of terms such as “religious, Christian, Muslim, Jew, Hindu and so on.”  Such names can be divisive, but there remains only One Moral God.  It would be appropriate to point out we do not believe terrorism and other types of evil have anything to do with any Moral-God religions, since only morally-stupid* people are decidedly prone to evil. *(Our book defines this offensive term for you, as well as other ‘id’ words, such as ‘idiot’.)

     We foresee civilized, moral learning and discourse, without self-righteousness or otherwise biased attitudes. Remember, this is all about God and you, whom SHE would adopt as her own child if you graduate from life with honor.  We also hope with your help, to create charter schooling that emphasizes the vital importance of living moral lives, since we are in this society together and hope to continue in God’s Highest ‘Society’ forever, or that realm known as Heaven, Nirvana, or the Otherealm.



          Our planet is in trouble because of mankind’s greed and waste.  Will that fact eventually equate to our downfall as a supposed civilized and advanced society? It seems likely.  Other possibilities include the earth’s atmosphere being stripped away by solar winds due to a loss of electro-magnetism at the planet’s core; a giant asteroid striking the earth; a nuclear holocaust; a mega volcano erupting; a pandemic disease; and the list could be long as to what ‘might’ blot out life for us.  Some events – to include climate change - could lead to “ecolypse” if not utter destruction of all life.

     Maybe with maniacal dictators such as North Korea’s Kim Jong-un, and other tyrants and terrorists temporarily on the scene, the nuclear threat represents the most likely end to mankind.  These types most definitely are “anti” God and evil enough to start a final war – perhaps with plans already in place, realistic or not.  So, it’s obvious we live in a world of hurt with reason to despair; but let’s not.  Let’s pray instead to the one true God to guide us in overcoming all such silly ego-gods, who live briefly as evil spirits, only to eventually decay or burn.  Unlike some of us, their spirit consciousness will be lost for eternity.  Thank God for her karmic justice.

     This is the world we live in; but the fact remains, we all are dying anyway.  Are you ready?  Do you even know what it means to die?  We will explore life and death; God and anti-God, as well as good versus evil and much more in our book.  None of this rhetoric is meant to scare you, but to awaken you regarding the relevance of your existence.  Can you even imagine your particular relevance in the so-called ‘grand scheme’ of things?  We can; so let us explore that together - please – even as we admit our two-part book is lengthy, while hoping it won’t seem that way to you.  Timely breaks though could be crucial to your patience, as that virture will be tested.  Your reward likely could be eternal life, if you grow spiritually.  Plus you could help save others by spreading your moral ideals.  That would be wonderful.

     This co-author, for God’s sake and yours, is going to humbly and unpretentiously try in “The Egod Era,” of our Godcosm books to show an understanding of God’s “Morality” Essence that would please Jesus Christ – perhaps the world’s greatest Teacher of ethics.

     With that thought in mind, let us consider an alternate course our world could take in a direction opposite to the dire consequences mentioned above.  Logically, in order to alter the outcome, we must change ourselves in ways that would not cause an apocalyptic future.  Our books outline an exact formula for doing this.  We invite you to read them and ponder all their implications and imaginative possibilities, as well as what you can do in this regard. 

     The co-author admits not knowing absolute truth for sure, but believes he knows something worth sharing.  Keep in mind, it’s a story.  No one is trying to fool anyone, but hopefully it is a story told in a mostly enjoyable way, even considering the unusual concepts.   Some readers likely will be overcome with consternation and disbelief at times, and of course Egod will be right there to encourage such rationale.  Please overcome Egod, since the destruction of Egod is the point of our discourse.

     But, even being imperfect as we are, most of us can rejoice in knowing that terrorists are doomed, and ‘good’ shall triumph over evil.  If you don’t believe that, then our book is written especially for you.  Our book (in two parts) will explain why you should want to live for eternity with that perfectly Moral entity we call God, Allah, Jehovah, the Hindu sacred triad, or Whatever – just as long as that One God – by any name - is Moral and “Omnipotent”.  After reading our book(s) you should better understand and be able to praise godly precepts and concepts.




     “The Egod Era” absolutely is one-sided – on the side of God’s Essence, which is purely moral.  Doubtlessly there will be some terrorists who disagree, along with some very nice people who just honestly don’t understand and/or appreciate our Christian and yet “alien-to-some” world view.  This view, however, from truly advanced civilizations around the universe is all about morality as the guiding light to ultimate survival – ‘ultimate’ meaning eternal.  Morality is how actual alien societies have become so much more advanced than we may ever be, because we fall far short of God’s Natural Essence.  Many of us do not even believe such a Supreme Consciousness exists. 

     It might be awhile before our book shows up in a bookstore near you, so we offer you a chance to read it now, for free.  However, unless you are one of those persons who have tried like hell, without success, to make sense of this world - the book, quite candidly, might represent a unique challenge to you.  If you are among those most desperate seekers of truth, count yourself blessed, as really we all should want ultimate ‘truth’ - considering the dire straits we again have beset on society and the natural world.

     Those of you who are relatively content with your lives in a world fraught with immorality and mayhem and whom God has stood in good stead this time around because you deserved it – you – you may let this opportunity to truly get to know your God – everybody’s God, slip by, because… ?  And your answer is what it is, and for God to know.  SHE knows.  However – if at any point throughout this work, you don’t think we are talking to you or about you… then maybe we are not.  This work is for everyone.  The trick is in knowing when to include oneself in some of the psychological good or evil portraits painted throughout this endeavor.



    The crux of the whole matter is that we live in a world that requires much greater emphasis on the knowledge of ‘good’ versus evil.  We must manage to accomplish that, or… what?  Do you know - Logically? – With wisdom, intelligence; love, and grace – the ‘what’ implications or possible repercussions of not winning this struggle of two opposing forces – i.e. ‘good’ (Morality) versus evil (immorality)?

     Please read about the Egod Era in our Godcosm books and you may be better able to answer… ‘What if good does not defeat evil?’  The world is a crazy place, but it’s still not too late to show God what we can do to support her.  It may soon be that time, though; so let’s get started.   Fantastic, however, for those of you who already are.

     If any of the foregoing sounds naïve or specious to you, we highly recommend you read our two-part book (our books) linked from one of the following sites:


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If you feel you must be negative, we will accept that, along with your prayers.

Just be aware that those who ‘hate’ are outliers as God does not accept hate.

SHE abides only Wisdom; Intelligence; Logic; Love – and Grace.


You likely know that!  Find out what else you may know, but sometimes cannot reCOGnize.

For example; God is not a “gender,” but we use the pronoun – ‘SHE,’ rather than the impersonal “IT”.


Read our books.  We will even say please – for your sake – and God’s.

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